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Next draw on Thursday 18 July 2024

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Monday 15 July 2024
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Winners and prize distribution

In the Eurodreams draw on Monday, 15th July, there were no winning tickets in the First category.

In the Second category, corresponding to those matching six numbers, a single winning ticket was validated in France, which will receive 2,000 euros per month for five years.

Don't miss the next draw, scheduled for Thursday 18th July, where you will have another chance to win in Eurodreams. Good luck!

Category Europe Prizes
First Category 0 0,00 €
Second Category 1 2.000€/month x 5 years
Third Category 109 104,40 €
Fourth Category 5.232 34,90 €
Fifth Category 77.088 4,40 €
Sixth Category 435.683 2,50 €

Information about the new European lottery that came into play on Monday, 6 November 2023.

Welcome to the exciting world of EuroDreams, the new European lottery that will make you dream big! Since its integration, this new game of chance has become a continent-wide sensation, offering thrills, opportunities and great prizes to its participants.

EuroDreams reward system

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This lottery promises to offer incredible prizes, some of which will be awarded on a monthly payment basis, over a long period of time. Following official confirmation from SLE and the other participating lotteries, prizes will be distributed as follows:

Euro Dreams Lottery
  • First category €20,000/month for 30 years (for a maximum of 3 winners)
  • Second category 2.000€/month for 5 years (for a maximum of 12 winners)
  • Third category 2.13 % of the prize money from 3rd to 5th categories
  • Fourth category 34.24 % of the prize money from 3rd to 5th categories
  • Fifth category 63,63 % of the prize money from 3rd to 5th categories
  • Sixth category (Reimbursement) 2,50 Euros

The amount designated as the "3rd through 5th category prize pool" is determined by subtracting from the total prize pool the amount set aside for the 1st and 2nd categories, known as the Reserve Fund, and the amount set aside for the 6th category prizes.

In the event that there are more than 3 winners in the first category and/or more than 12 winners in the second category, the total amount of the prize fund for each category will be distributed equally among all the winners in those categories.

The first category has a limit of €21.6 million per draw, representing a maximum of three winners. If this number is exceeded, the total amount will be divided between all winners.

The second category has a limit of EUR 1.44 million per draw, equivalent to a maximum of twelve winners. If this number is exceeded, the prize will be divided proportionally among the winners.

International overviews

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EuroDreams is a lottery that spans several European countries, which means you have the opportunity to participate in an international competition and enjoy the thrill of competing against players from all over Europe. In addition, this also significantly increases the size of the prizes compared to other national lotteries. Initially it is available to players from most of the countries participating in EuroMillions, which are: Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg.

High probability of winning

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EuroDreams will offer a high chance of winning compared to other lotteries. With different prize categories and game options, you have more chances of winning, even if you don't match all the main numbers.

Category Probability
First 1 out of 19.191.900 (6+1 correct guesses)
Second 1 out of 4.797.975 (6+0 hits)
Third 1 out of 18.816 (5+0 hits)
Fourth 1 in 456 (4+0 correct answers)
Fifth 1 out of 32 (3+0 correct answers)
Sixth (Reintegro) 1 out of 6 (2+0 hits)

Supporting charitable causes

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Like all other lotteries, Eurodreams will donate a portion of the proceeds generated to charitable causes across Europe. Charity programmes and social projects that help to improve people's quality of life.

Transparency and security

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As in all guaranteed games of chance, the winning numbers are verified by a reliable system and published in an accessible way.