Eurodreams, a lottery that will make your dreams come true

26 July 2023

News about Eurodreams

The incredible chance to win great prizes is coming with EuroDreams, the new European lottery. You can join in the fun by playing online at the official and authorised sales outlets we will be offering.

Awaken your dreams with EuroDreams! Do you want to take part?

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Everything points to the fact that this new game will be simple: to participate we will have to choose 6 numbers from the EuroDreams grid and add an additional number. The game ticket will thus be similar to that of the French Lotto lottery**.

With regard to the playing time limit, like other games of the same range, it is expected that it will be possible to participate until 20:15 on the same day of the draw. As far as the drawing days are concerned, no confirmed information is available yet, although early speculation suggests that there could be two draws per week, every Monday and Thursday.

Large number of winners in each Eurodreams draw

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Eurodreams is expected to be generous with the winnings. According to the decree of the "Autorité Nationale des Jeux", 52% of the bets will be used for prizes for the players.

We will provide more detailed information on the official prize categories and the distribution of prizes in future publications.