The First Eurodreams Lottery Draw is here!

1 november 2023

First Eurodreams Lottery Draw - 6 November 2023

Monday 6 November 2023 will be a historic day in the world of lotteries. The first draw of the Eurodreams lottery will take place, an event that has generated a great deal of excitement due to its innovative format and, above all, the prizes on offer. In this article, we'll break down all the details you need to know about this inaugural draw.

Date and format of the draw

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The first Eurodreams draw will take place on 6 November 2023 at 21:00. Players will be asked to choose a combination of six numbers between 1 and 40, plus a 'Dream Number' between 1 and 5. Drawings will be held on Mondays and Thursdays each week.

Prize Details

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First Eurodreams draw, Monday 6 November 2023

Main Awards

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The most prominent prizes are those in the first and second categories. In the first category, the prize is 20,000 euros per month for 30 years. In the second category, the award is 2,000 euros per month for 5 years. These prizes have the potential to change the winner's life in a significant way.

Special Assumptions

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It is important to bear in mind that if there are more than three winners in the first category or more than 12 in the second category, the prizes allocated by draw to each of them (21.6 million euros in the first category and 1.44 million euros in the second category) will be divided equally among the winners.

Other categories

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For the third, fourth and fifth categories, the prizes are not fixed but are determined as a percentage of the 3rd to 5th category prize fund. This means that the amount you can win in these categories will vary depending on the total number of tickets sold.

Where to Buy Your Sweepstakes Tickets

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Entering the first Eurodreams lottery draw is a simple process that you can do in two ways: at a physical point of sale or online.

Physical Points of Sale

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Tickets are available at numerous authorised points of sale. Simply go to one of these locations, make your purchase and you will get a physical ticket that will allow you to participate in the draw.

Buy Online

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If you prefer the convenience of doing it from home or if you are on the move, you can buy your ticket online through official licensed online retailers such as the ones we offer or on the official website. The process is fast, secure and will allow you to choose your favourite numbers in just a few clicks.

Setting our dreams in motion

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The first Eurodreams lottery draw is an event that promises excitement and the chance to change lives. With a variety of exciting prizes and a date that is already marked on many people's calendars, 6 November 2023 will be a day to remember. Don't miss your chance to be part of this historic event. Choose your numbers and join the excitement that only Eurodreams can offer.