Eurodreams lottery news

28 july 2023

News about Eurodreams

EuroDreams, the new European lottery, is about to arrive in all countries of the Euromillions community this November 2023. As the first European pension lottery, EuroDreams is inspired by several successful Anglo-Saxon lotteries, such as the famous "Grande Vie" lottery in Canada, "Cash4Life" in the United States and "Set for Life" in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Expectation around this new game of chance is high, as it combines the excitement of lottery draws with the security of providing a monthly pension over a long period of time for lucky winners. The opportunity to receive a steady stream of income after winning the jackpot is what makes EuroDreams such an attractive proposition for players across Europe.

As for the details of the draws, plans are still being finalised. However, it is expected that the EuroDreams draws will take place two days a week: Monday and Thursday evenings. To keep you up to date with all the news, we will publish additional information on the precise dates and times of the draws from September onwards.

Euro Dreams: Full-scale launch in November 2023

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All indications are that this new lottery will be launched jointly in all 12 EuroMillions member countries in November. A major event, as it represents the first completely new lottery to be launched in the last 20 years since the creation of Euro Millions in 2004.

Ahead of its launch, an extensive European advertising campaign is expected to run throughout October and November, leading up to the much-anticipated inaugural draw, which it is believed could take place on Monday 6 November, although this has not yet been officially announced.

Its aim is to attract a younger audience by inviting them to participate in this unique lottery, whose prizes will be awarded in the form of monthly or annual annuities.

EuroDreams: Discovering the Lottery Rules

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As we get closer to the expected launch of the EuroDreams lottery in November 2023, many are wondering what the rules of the game will be. While it is still too early to announce the full, official rules, we can draw on the practices of other lotteries observed in foreign countries to make some initial assumptions.

While the exact rules will be refined and released once member countries publish the first official regulations, here are some of the main rules we could expect to find in the EuroDreams lottery:

  • Number Selection: players will probably have to choose a combination of numbers to participate in the draw. This combination could be made up of a selection of main numbers and additional numbers or stars, similar to other lotteries.

  • Draw Frequency: EuroDreams is likely to hold two draws per week, although the exact frequency will be known when the official rules are revealed.

  • Prizes and Categories: EuroDreams is expected to offer various prize levels, from jackpot to secondary prizes. Prize amounts will depend on the number of correct guesses in the winning combination.

  • Prize Payment Method: In line with EuroDreams' distinctive feature, prizes are likely to be paid out in the form of monthly or annual annuities, providing winners with long-term financial stability.

It is important to note that these assumptions are preliminary and based on the experience of other similar lotteries. The official and final EuroDreams rules will be released once member countries publish regulations in due course.