Eurodreams kicks off: Tickets on sale from 30 October!

10 October 2023

Eurodreams ticket sales start - 30 October 2023

30 October 2023 will mark a milestone in the history of lotteries. Eurodreams, the eagerly awaited lottery that has captured the attention of thousands, will start selling its tickets.

What makes Eurodreams special?

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Since its announcement, the lottery has generated unprecedented excitement. No wonder, as it promises attractive prizes and a renewed game dynamic that aims to win over both regular fans and new players.

How to buy your ticket

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From 30 October, authorised points of sale will open their doors for interested parties to purchase their tickets. In addition, you can also buy your Eurodreams tickets on online platforms such as the ones offered on this site.

Prizes and categories

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Euro dreams stands out not only because of its innovative format, but also because of the attractive prize categories on offer. From million-dollar prizes to small rewards, there is something for everyone.

Category Prize
First prize €20,000/month for 30 years (maximum 3 winners)
Second prize 2.000€/month for 5 years (maximum 12 winners)
Third: 2.13 % of the prize money from 3rd to 5th categories
Fourth 34.24 % of the prize money from 3rd to 5th categories
Fifth 63,63 % of the prize money from 3rd to 5th categories
Sixth (refund) 2,50 euros

If more than 3 winners are registered for the main category and/or more than 12 for the second category, the total prize fund for those categories will be divided among all the corresponding winners.

The start of a new tradition

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With ticket sales about to begin, EuroDreams is positioned to become one of the most popular lotteries in Spain. Monday, October 30th is not just a date, it is the start of a new tradition.