Eurodreams: Impact and Winners in its First Sweepstakes

23 November 2023

First Eurodreams draws

A dream of fortune

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Since its launch, Eurodreams has quickly become one of Europe's most popular and exciting lotteries, capturing the imagination of millions of people, offering the chance to change lives with its top prizes of monthly payouts.

This article looks back at Eurodreams' first draws, highlighting why it has become such an attractive option for lottery fans.

A promising start

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This new game was born with the idea of offering a unique lottery experience, combining big prizes with simple game mechanics. Since its first draw, it has proven to be a success, attracting millions of players from all over Europe.

First draws: Moments of excitement

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The inaugural Eurodreams draw

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The first draw, held on 6 November 2023, marked a milestone in lottery history, with two winners in France winning €20,000 per month for 30 years and two lucky winners in Spain and Ireland winning €2,000 per month for 5 years.

Thousands of prizes in every draw

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Eurodreams draws are characterised by their generous prize offer. Participants have enjoyed everything from small winnings to large prizes awarded in monthly payments, transforming their lives and demonstrating the true value of participating in Eurodreams.

Subsequent draws: keeping the excitement going

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**Subsequent draws kept the excitement going. Although the draws on 9 and 13 November had no winners in the top categories, the draw on 16 November awarded one lucky winner in Spain in the second category. On 20 November, two players from France and Austria also won prizes in the same category.

Why Play Eurodreams? Reasons to Participate

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Winning Chances: More than just a lottery

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With a variety of prizes and a relatively high probability of winning compared to other lotteries, Eurodreams offers players a compelling reason to participate.

How to Participate in Eurodreams

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Participating is easy and accessible. With a few simple steps, you can buy your ticket and join the excitement of the next draw. Find out in the "The Game" section how to make your play.

This new game of chance has become an experience that offers unrivalled thrills and the chance to win big prizes over a long period of time.

With its novel format and a very active community, Eurodreams is fast establishing itself as one of the most attractive lotteries in Europe. Are you ready to be part of this adventure and try your luck in the next draw?